Eastgate Sod can provide installation as well as final and finish grading using either Standard Rolls (18" x 72') or Big Rolls (24" x 112').  Call (513) 683-6436 for a quote.


Performance Fescue Sod Installation

  1. Lay Sod Immediately Upon Delivery.

  2. Lay sod adjacent to the longest boundary of the area to be covered. Stagger each new row of sod so that seams are offset, as in a brick wall. Butt ends and edges tightly together.

  3. Using a heavy knife, cut the sod to conform to curved boundaries or other obstacles.  

  4. Begin watering sod lightly after the first 200 square feet are installed to prevent wilting of the new sod.

  5. Water the sod thoroughly to to avoid dry patches and promote even growth.  Position sprinklers to there are no areas un-watered.  For the first two weeks, water enough to keep the sod "soggy".  After that begin to slowly back-off the amount of water.

  6. Begin mowing the new sod about three weeks after installation.  Mowing should be performed when the sod is dry to avoid slippage or movement of the sod.

  7. The sod should be fertilized for the first time 30 days after installation.

  8. A regular program of watering and fertilization should be followed once the sod is established.

Click here for care instructions for you new lawn

For more information on installing sod, view Turfgrass Producers International's tips on sod  installation.